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U19 Basketball League | Game Platform for students under 19

Help you find suitable opponents and organize games
There are various game modes and competition requirements
Each game has data, photos, videos, and live broadcasts
National A and National B referees
Summer vacation 7/6 to 8/25 can play every day
School teams can apply for foundation sponsorship
Welcome to form a team (5 people can form a team; free rental of a full set of uniforms on the day)
Individuals can sign up for the game
Summer vacation Mon-Fri game venue
: Taipei Datong University
Weekend Taipei game venues
: Bei'an Leisure Center, Xinyi Sports Center, Taipei Medical University (Xinyi Campus), Da'an Heping Ball Field, Datong Jingxi Middle School, Shilin Sports Center
The game points are valid until: 6/30/2025


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